My Cabin

This is the back of a hoodie that keeps me warm.
A visual memory of a warm cabin nestled in the woods,
it inspires me to create.
A kitchen,
with an old black pot belly stove
and a stoked fire to warm the toes and the soul,
beckons my spirit to bake
homemade Pumpkin Pie.


My Apron Gift to "J"

My favorite gift!
Nothing warms a heart easier than a gift made with love.
This beautiful design was perfect to decorate an apron
for a woman I know who gives so much
every single day.

So, I might as well Blog about it.

I love to create things.
My machine embroidery is one my favorite creative outlets. I think of my sewing creations as art. It is fun to create, stitch, and then admire the art in stitches. This creates a need for money.
Embroidery supplies are expensive!
It also creates a ready made system for feeling like I have accomplished something and I get to provide service that is fun for me.
Except the money part -- it is a
 I will try to post pictures of some of the things I have created (or designs I have altered) to fit my idea of art.
Contact me, sewing at FantasyThread dot com
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