Quick projects

If you are ever using fabric that is printed,
but not on the straight of grain, 
you can edge it using one of many decorative stitches found on 
newer machines.
I had this challenge in December.
This is what I did

You can see the bows created by the machine.

The patterns are created like a straight stitch
except they use a lot more thread.

It was always a challenge getting my queen sized feather pillow
 stuffed into a Standard size case. 
So I made a new flannel and very soft pillow case. 
It took me less than half an hour. 
My feather pillow and I are very happy now!

This is now
my favorite pillow case!

I have Boys!
They are very hard on jeans!

Little boys play hard

Mending with the patch on the inside.
My son who hates regular patches loves the pants now.


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