Things I Create


Closed no strap yet

Open revealing the quilted fabric inside

Open to view inside 
showing divider
and no exposed seams

Perfect size for a phone, cash, and keys

Free Standing Lace

I needed a quick and inexpensive gift for my son's teacher. 
Birthday gifts are hard to do sometimes.
This was what I "threw together" for her.
Her first name is Bonnie.
She spends so much time at recess
in the cold
I thought she might need a scarf.

Making a gift personalized,
makes the gift
a gift from the heart.

Embroidered on a Baby Blanket

Custom Baby Blanket

Purchased Decorative Towel with added (my design) Topper

Cute Embroidered Cat and Butterfly on Kitchen Towel

Butterfly on Kitchen Towel

Design on Towel

Embroidered Rattle on Bib

Towel with Topper

Apron with Embroidery and Added Hand Towel

Heart Towel

Design Towel

Two Hearts

Baby Bib Cute!

Towel Topper

Embroidered Train on Blanket

Purchased Towel with added Hotpad Topper

Blue Design Towel

Purchased Towel with added Hotpad Topper


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